7 Tips to care for your wood floors

Wood floors that have not been taken care of often lose their luster and beauty. A well cared for wood floor is a beauty to behold. Do not despair if the wood floor appears to have lost its shine. A few tricks can help restore the gleam. If the wood floor is suffers severe damage, scuffs or scratches you may wish to consider having it restored professionally. A real hard wood floor is able to withstand sanding and refinishing but the process tends to be expensive.
1) Vacuum the wood floor thoroughly. A vacuum can help lift dust that a broom often misses.
2) Take a dry buff cloth and rub the floor. Focus on making circular motions across the floor to lift dirt, oil and dirt.
3) Fill a gallon bucket with warm water and mix 3/4 of a cup of apple cider vinegar into the warm water. Use a soft cloth. Dip the cloth into the solution and ring it out. Rub the floor vigorously using the cloth and the solution. Do the entire floor on your hands and knees so you do not miss any areas. Do not overly wet the floor. Simply moisten the cloth and scrub. If the water and vinegar pool in any area wipe it up using a dry cloth. Wood floors should never be subjected to overly wet conditions.
4) Purchase a commercial wood floor reviver product. The products are sold under a wide array of brand names. Once the floor has been cleaned, wiped and washed it is time to apply a reviver to the floor. Follow the directions on the reviver label for application instructions. Remember that a little goes a long ways.
5) After using a wood floor reviver take care walking on the floor. Many revivers leave the wood feeling slightly oily and they can be extremely slick.
6) Working mineral spirits into an old wood floor can also help bring its luster back. Care should be taken when using mineral spirits not to use too much. Too much will attract hair and dirt which will only give the floor a dull, dirty appearance. It will also create a slipper floor surface. Only use a small amount of mineral spirits and focus on working the oily substance it the wood floor boards. Circular massaging movements of the cloth across the wood floor’s surface will give the best results.
7) If the wood floor still does not have luster and you do not want to undertake the huge job of sanding and refinishing the floor consider renting a buffer. Most buffers are rented by the day at a wide array of home supply rental agencies. Follow the directions that come with the buffer to safely utilize the tool without damaging the floor. Always use a clean buffer pad so the floor’s surface does not become scraped or scratched. Make sure the floor is thoroughly swept and vacuumed to pick up even the smallest particle of dirt or grit prior to using the wood floor buffer.
Old wood floors will often not respond to the steps outlined above and the only avenue the home owner can take to restore the floor’s past brilliance is to have it professionally sanded and refinished.